Book Parties and Why They’re Amazing

Long time, no post. Amiright?

The past few months have been a really exciting time for me!

  • First, I made it through summer reading with all my limbs still attached. Ahhh!
  • Then, I became a new joint chief for Storytime Underground. EEEEE!
  • My husband started developing his own product for athletes and I became a partial business owner. (Did you know that writing for a patent is really, really hard?)
  • I went to my first national conference: ARSL 2015 in Little Rock, AR!
  • I presented for the first time ever at NCLA!

And before all this, my wonderful friend, Lisa Shaia, asked me to make a video for her class about one-off school-age programs. You may have seen a few of my book character parties floating around the internet. I am a big fan and advocate for them. Wanna know why? Watch my video!