Thrive Thursday- 9/3

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You guys, it’s September! That means kids are back in schools. Stores are stocking Halloween decorations and pumpkin EVERYTHING. We can unpack our scarves again and look forward to boots! It also means a lot of us just came off a nice, relaxing break from programming. Never fear, though. We’ve still got some great content for everybody’s favorite school-age blog hop.

Over at In Short, I’m Busy, you can find some passive programs and displays to help you ease into the school year. I know I’ll be copying a couple now that things are slowing down.

Angie shared a simple, yet powerful paperbag theater program. I love the creative play and photo opportunities! Isn’t she a genius?

Are you looking for ideas for a makerspace for kids? Miss Meg is killing it, as usual, by sharing her program.

Ms. Kelly is showing us how it’s done with a cooking program that I can really get behind. Following directions and measuring are important skills!

At Literacious, there’s a whole list of wonderful programs begging to be used on early dismissal days and teacher workdays! Libraryland thanks you, Laura!

Finally, Kendra brings it home with the second program in her Meet the Art series! What kid doesn’t want to sling paint in the library?

Thanks for sharing everyone! Now go forth and be inspired.


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