Work What You’ve Got: Underside of Tables

Remember that time I said I wanted to write a new series and then I never continued it? Those were good times…

So today I have something to share that’s so easy I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before.

Decorating the underside of tables.


The tables in my programming area are the perfect height for toddlers to walk under and my preschoolers were constantly taking puppets underneath them during playtime to play “wolf in the den” or “bear in the cave,” RAWRING at everyone that walks by. Hiding underneath tables is already a magical experience for kids, so why not dress it up with some sensory elements?

As you can see, I’ve done this with Christmas decorations like bulbs, tinsel, and string lights, and I’ve also done it with tissue paper, glittery stickers, leaves, flowers…all kinds of things. Some kids like to lay underneath them and take it in, and some parents even sit next to the tables with their toddlers to point and talk.

It’s a very Michelangelo experience, so give it a try and tell me how it goes.

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