Thrive Thursday Placeholder


This post is serving as a placeholder for the Thrive Thursday round-up on 1/8.

Library friends, please comment away with the links to your school-aged programming and ideas.

If you have any trouble at all, just email your submissions to me: brytanifraser at gmail dot com.

If you’re just hearing about Thrive Thursday, let me just tell you, it’s amazing. Think a bunch of best friends, hanging out way past our bed times, possibly drinking but also possibly just laughing our heads off over chocolate and re-runs of Parks and Rec. Oh, that’s all in my head? Fine, fine. Every month library people share ideas for school-aged programs and/or issues relating to serving this age group. Go here for some details:

Oh and…

cmt-medium-throwing-glitterHAPPY NEW YEAR!

5 thoughts on “Thrive Thursday Placeholder

  1. K/1 Class visit:

    And I’m a new community editor at Star_Net, here’s a blog by Lanora (another editor) with a paper engineering round up:

    And one of my first posts for anyone who’s still looking to make the STEM leap:

  2. Okay we need more stuff here. Clearly.
    Tweenbrarian: Lunch Lady Book Club party:

    Hafuboti: Decemberly:

    Ms Kelly at the Library: Elephant and Piggie:
    Also, her latest in her grade level booktalk series:
    I have like 4 programs that I need to write up! Sorry.

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