The Walrus Does His Laundry

I wrote a song in the shower this morning and got so excited that I had to share right away. I would use it as a shaker or scarf song. I had a helper record it this morning on our work iPad, so you have to turn the volume way up. Sorry!

Also, I sort of fumble in the second verse (trying to remember what I just made up), so read the description for all the words.

4 thoughts on “The Walrus Does His Laundry

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  2. I know this post is from 2014, but I just had to share that I stumbled upon this last month on a YouTube channel called Jbrary, and decided to use it this winter in my Preschool music classes (PVNS in Rochester, NY!). WHAT A HIT! We sat using shaker eggs to shake and then spin (think hand jive), and then we ran through it again standing up so the kids could shake their sillies out, and then spin until they fell down! It is hands-down everyone’s favorite— teachers included! So I just wanted to say thanks so much for your shower genius!!!

  3. Hello Brytani! You are a genius, this is one of the catchiest storytime songs I’ve ever learned. It has been running through my head for at least a week straight, and it’s _not even bothering me_!
    Over the weekend, we had a special drag queen storytime at my library (all the way up here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) and we all shook it up with this song. Everybody got into it. Thanks for sharing it with the world! I know it’ll be a top choice in my storytime repertoire for years to come.

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