Pinterest Party

This week I threw a Pinterest Party at my primary branch, and it turned out to be a really nice program. We decorated dollar store coffee mugs with sharpies and made a sugar scrub with brown sugar, honey, olive oil, and vanilla extract. I had 8 women come, which isn’t bad for an adult program on a week night. I really enjoyed the mixture of people too. While most of them were retired ladies, a mom also came with her teenaged daughter and her daughter’s friend. It was nice to see how everyone fell in together and made friendships over crafts. It was a laid back reason to get together and chat.

 pinterestcupI had a really good conversation with everyone during this program. Most of them were new to me and were stunned that I would plan everything and purchase all the items we needed. I explained that it was really their money, their library, and that I’m their librarian. They could ask me for anything and I’d try to get it for them. Being generous people, though, they asked if we could do another craft program if they brought some items too.

Isn’t that sweet?

After reassuring them all that they didn’t have to bring things unless they just wanted to, I took their contact information and promised to have another program for them soon.

We have a bit of a club going. 🙂

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