Sing-along Movie Program

I had a perfect opportunity to try out a new program this weekend. I’d planned an ESL storytime that I called Grow Together Storytime. I included a description that specifically mentioned how the storytime would benefit ESL families, but due to an advertising slip-up, it wasn’t clear at all to patrons what this would be. In fact, listings for it didn’t even mention that it was a storytime. In order to prevent disappointing anyone, I decided to have a movie with a craft and some snacks. I only had a couple hours to get everything together, so I went with one simple craft and made a quick trip out for snacks.

I picked the Muppets: Most Wanted and had a volunteer help me start our craft: making puppets with envelopes. We made about 10 since Saturdays are usually pretty slow and easy on program attendance. Then I just laid out a smorgasbord of craft materials and put out the snacks. Ta da!


I had a few kids in the library, so I rounded them up and invited them to watch the movie. We made our puppets first and after about 15 mins, I started the movie. I told everyone that they could bring their puppet and use it to sing along to the music.

One of the boys who participated is a regular with special needs. He’s never spoken to me before, but he was so happy to tell me all about his interests when we were sitting at the table, crafting together. I found out that he’s a big fan of the Muppets and using his puppet to sing along with the movie was a great way for him to channel his need to speak out without disturbing everyone else too much.

It was a really fun, easy program and I was glad for the chance to connect with a kid who probably wouldn’t have approached me otherwise.

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