First Little Learning Party: Monsters

If you’re just tuning in, I’m here discussing how my new and improved mixed-age storytime is going. (Here’s a post about what led up to it.) This is the plan from my first Little Learning Party and my thoughts.

Shake Your Body Down- by Laurie Berkner

I’d called parents over to participate in this song (which is pretty active) and everyone danced with me! So freaking rare! I made sure to tell them how excited I was that they danced.

I did this song twice and sort of hinted with my eye contact that I wanted adults to sing along. They did their best! Hooray!
Intro- Welcome to Little Learning Party (you can read my spiel in the linked post at the top)
Some Monsters are Different by David Milgrim
Before I started reading, I asked everyone if they thought we were all alike or if we were different. They surprised me by having a lot to say about how we’re all different, but it was all very cute. This is one of my new favorite storytime books! It allows you to ask kids which monster they’re like AND connect with parents. For instance, “do you think you’re quiet or do you like to talk and talk?” (wink to mom)
10 Little Monsters (to tune of 10 Little Indians)
 10 Little monsters clapping, stomping, laughing
Adults got this right away and were eager to play along.
Sleeping Monsters (to the tune of See the Little Bunnies Sleeping…)
The adults and I had a good laugh at me being way off pitch for the first verse. I actually do have a good singing voice but something happens during storytime that makes me lose all sense. Anyway, adults didn’t catch on to this as quickly, but the kids loved, loved, loved it.
Go Away, Big Green Monster
I did this as a flannel. Of course, it’s always a hit.
I Just Can’t Wait to Be King with scarves
My toddlers were losing their ability to focus, so we stopped to dance around the room to this song. Some of my older kids surprised me by being really acrobatic in all the new space.
Simon Says
Romping Monsters, Stomping Monsters by Jane Yolen
I didn’t like this book as much as the first, but the kids still seemed to follow along pretty well. I acted out some of the movements with the book and asked them if they ever have to say sorry. Of course, they did. Still a really good pick for a mixed-age crowd.
Where’s Monster Hiding? (Little Mouse, Little Mouse with a monster)
Under the Sea with bubbles
I played this song and handed out bubbles to the adults. We blew and kids popped. Oooh, so much fun was had. Hilariously, my husband dropped by just as I was starting this and told me afterward, “you’re not allowed to complain about work anymore.”
Haha, true. True.
You guys, this was the most fun I have EVER had in a storytime and my parents were so happy afterward! A lot of them told me it was the most fun they’ve ever had too and promised to come back.
In short, big, big win.

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