Sounds Storytime

noises storytime


I love talking about sounds in storytime! Maybe it’s because it never gets old to the kids to ask, “what sound does a train make?” or maybe it’s because I am terrible at making sound effects and the kids adore it. Here’s my storytime about sounds:


Shake Your Body Down- Laurie Berkner

Open, Shut Them

If You’re Ready for a Story (from Storytime Katie)
The Cow Who Clucked by Denise Fleming (with some pages skipped)
I Know a Chicken- Laurie Berkner with shaky eggs
Road Work Ahead by Anastasia Suen
(This book didn’t work all that well for storytime because there were too many things happening in the pictures. The kids were uber distracted.)
Peekaboo Vehicles (an iPad app)
Drive my Car- Laurie Berkner
Steam Train, Dream Train by Sherri Rinker (with a few pages skipped)
Toca Train (another iPad app)
March 11 297 FL

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