Birds and Outside Storytime

When I went into work last Saturday, the weather was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist moving storytime to our deck area.


On Saturdays, I usually only have a few kids, so it worked nicely because our deck is a little small for a crowd of preschoolers and toddlers dancing. I also chose a bird-themed storytime that I created as part of our sizes series and an accompanying bird feeder craft that’s just too simple and perfect to resist.

I moved my storytime easel and brought out all my books and flannels for the day. I chose to just bring out my iPad for music this day too.



Opening song: Open, Shut Them

This is Big (from Mel!)

Intro with Applesauce, my horse puppet

If You’re Ready for a Story (from Storytime Katie!)

Birds by Kevin Henkes

(This book has very little to do with sizes but I just love it.)

Two Little Blackbirds

Shake Your Body Down– Laurie Berkner

Just How Long Can One String Be? by Keith Baker

(We stopped and talked about the things that strings could be used for and how it can change sizes.)

Washing Machine and Socks Flannel (A variation of this:

I Know a Chicken with shakers – Laurie Berkner

Flip, Flap, Fly- by Phyllis Root

(I think that talking about mamas and their babies is a very natural way to talk about growth in sizes and how we all change over time. Babies and toddlers love pointing out which animal is the baby and which is the mama.)

Baby and Mama match-up game

(I printed pictures of farm animals and their babies, including their names on the pictures, and explained that the mamas lost their babies. The children helped match them on our flannel board.)

5 Little Ducklings

Little Mouse, Little Mouse

Craft: Bird feeders from cheerios

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