New Directions (that don’t sing)

I created this blog back when I was still working part-time as an all-purpose librarian. In those days, I served patrons of all ages and helped with programming for multiple age groups. Soon after setting up the account, though, I landed a gig as a full-time assistant in a children’s department. The name I had chosen, The Neighborhood Librarian, wasn’t really fitting anymore as my focus was much more narrow.

I love working with children. It’s probably my favorite age group, but as I wrote a couple weeks ago, I have a new gig. Now, I’m a librarian in two small branches, serving two small towns. You guys, it’s my dream job! These libraries are very important to their communities and they’re just the right size for getting to know everyone who walks through the doors. My two teammates are people who have lived and worked in these towns for decades and they really are instrumental in keeping people connected to the library. As they generally run the operational side of things, I get to focus on programming for all ages in these branches.

So! There’s a big change in my career focus now as I go from the narrow scope of focusing on kids to thinking about all ages again. I’ll be doing three storytimes a week, one teen program every month, and around two adult programs every month as well. It’s a lot!

And with a change this big in mind, I’ve done an overhaul on the blog that reflects my original intention. This is a blog for talking about the strides I’m making in programming and outreach and how I’m working to root these two libraries strongly into their communities.

I’m so excited to get to know my new team, the new library system, and all the wonderful people who will be my patrons. I hope they get to know me well as their neighborhood librarian.

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